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Research Projects

Development of a Calibration System for Stereophotogrammetry to Enable Large-Scale Measurement and Monitoring

Using lasers to measure drone proximity

Sponsor: National Science Foundation via Major Research Instrumentation program

Senior investigators: Alessandro Sabato, Christopher Niezrecki, Yan Luo, Kshitij Jerath

Junior investigators: Michael Buckley, Zachary Seguin, Fabio Bottalico, Austin Mackey

Existing stereophotogrammetry measurements rely on a camera pair that is calibrated by using a cumbersome procedure that require cameras’ relative positions to be fixed in space during measurements. We have developed a sensing system is based on a one-of-a-kind suite of integrated sensors that can determine the 3D-DIC extrinsic calibration parameters in real-time and therefore eliminating the need for calibration scale-bars, as well as the requirement for the cameras to remain fixed once set up. This transformative new approach for computer-vision measurement can be used for long-term full-field structural health monitoring and assessment of physical parameters such as displacement, deformation, strain, and structural dynamics in a variety of engineering and geographical science domains. This system not only streamlines the calibration procedure, but also enable stereophotogrammetry measurements to be made from moving platforms, such as unmanned vehicles or drones.
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