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Research Projects

Computational HAT model of status sensitivity to facilitate team trust and performance under suboptimal conditions

Forming first impressions of robots

Sponsor: DEVCOM Army Research Lab (ARL) via STRONG (Strengthening Teamwork for Robust Operations in Novel Groups) Collaborative Research Alliance (CRA) via University of Delaware

Senior investigators: Kshitij Jerath, Paul Robinette, Reza Ahmadzadeh

Junior investigators: Hamid Osooli, Mike Fisher, Nathan Uhunsere

Social status is a critical factor that fundamentally shapes how humans interact and impacts our trust and cooperation. In military contexts, rank and competency play pivotal roles and shape team interactions. Yet, it remains unclear how non-human agents are integrated as teammates and how they alter emergent team states and processes. Team performance varies in different environments, suggesting that context is also critical in shaping emergent team states/processes This project examines how robotic systems can be designed to better assist in the study of human interactions within the context of impression formation of robots.
Rescaled models retain traffic behavior.png

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