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Emergent Dynamics, Control, and Analytics Lab
@ University of Massachusetts Lowell

Have you ever wondered why...

... you get stuck in traffic jams that manifest out of thin air? Or how bees, fish, and drones can effortlessly 'swarm'? Have you ever been curious about how teams and social systems exhibit collective group behavior? 

At the Emergent Dynamics, Control, and An
alytics Lab, our research team, led by Dr. Kshitij Jerath, is exploring methods to understand and influence collective, emergent behavior in multi-scale multi-agent systems such as connected autonomous vehicles, drones, and human-AI teams. Dive into the research section to know more about our work, or contact us directly. 

Background credit: Fish swarm exhibiting collective behavior at Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA © Kshitij Jerath

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